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9 Effective Tips To Become A Good Public Speaker

Public SpeakingAre you a amateur public speaker or just someone who is trying to give a speech in front of the public? Public speaking can be a terrifying experience. It doesn’t matter what stage of professionalism you are right now, these 9 public speaking tips will definitely help you not only to improve your speech but also getting your message across your audience.

Tip #1: Pay very close attention to your speaking speed.

Tip #2: Pay close attention to your body language

Tip #3: Make sure to have eye contact with your audience

Tip #4: Practice makes it perfect

Tip #5: Watching yourself speak by filming yourself

Tip #6: Understanding your audience

Tip #7: Focus on your message/topic, not on what others think of your speech/ performance

Tip #8: Make good first impression

Tip #9: Keep striving for progress.

This video explains in more details, please watch it below:

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